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Virgin Media 50Mb speed test

Submitted by on May 27, 2009 – 14:417 Comments

virgin mediaMy new Virgin Media 50Mb broadband has been up and running for about four hours now and so I thought I’d test out the connection speed using the trusty speedtest web site.

I have two use cases to test. First one is a straight direct connection to Virgin Media and the second is to test the speed when I’m VPN’ed in to my employers network.

Virgin Media 50Mb cable broadband speed test

Test 1 – Direct Connection:

Downstream: 44.07Mbps
Upstream: 1.63Mbps

Test 2 – VPN

Downstream: 4.4Mbps
Upstream: 1.45Mbps

Pipex 8Mb ADSL broadband speed test

How does this compare to my old 8Mbps ADSL broadband connection which had a 512Kbps upstream speed? Here are the result for comparison:

Test 1 – Direct Connection:

Downstream: 6.86Mbps
Upstream: 0.44Mbps

Test 2 – VPN

Downstream: 3.90Mbps
Upstream: 0.38Mbps

All in all, the initial speed tests look very promising. I will need to test things out soon by holding a webex teleconference whilst sharing my desktop and some presentation slides. On my old 8Mbps ADSL connection the audio used to break up quite badly. On the new 50Mbps cable connection things should be notably better due to the much faster upload speed.

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  • Bill Ironside

    Does your VPN connection have some other limits that are preventing the Virgin Media 50Mb/s connection from working at any greater speed?

  • jupiterorbit

    As I understand it, all VPN concentrators have a maximum throughput. It would seem like my work place is either capping bandwidth to offer a more stable service to all employees or something else is going on. I’ll have to check with my IT helpdesk on this which I’ll do and report back on here. The key thing for me, however, is the upload speed which is much better than it used to be (even when VPN’ed). This will hopefully enable me to hold a webex, share my desktop and use my soft phone all at once. This was a challenge on my 8Mbps ADSL connection.

  • emmisions

    Support FREE exchange of carbon offsets! Say no to cap and trade!

  • emmisions

    Support FREE exchange of carbon offsets! Say no to cap and trade!

  • emmisions

    Support FREE exchange of carbon offsets! Say no to cap and trade!

  • adsl viettel

    That's awesome. I'm very glad you posted this. So i have just given it a Digg 🙂

  • ADSL Viettel

    Thanks man, just what I was looking for. Worked like a charm Thanks so much…