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India needs more Entrepreneurs than Managers

Submitted by on May 19, 2007 – 06:487 Comments

Original article by: Dhawal Shah
Why is the US more prosperous than India? Is it because we Indians are less smart than Americans? No, Indians are universally acknowledged for their intelligence. Is it because they have greater resources? No, India is as much if not more rich in natural resources. Then, why is the US more prosperous than India? The US is more prosperous simply because they have more entrepreneurs.

If India needs to exterminate poverty, we have to grow. To grow, we have to employ the unemployed. NASSCOM and CII have estimated that if India wants to be a developed country by 2020, it needs to create 10 million jobs. The million-dollar

question is how these jobs are going to be created.

Neither the Army nor the police force can absorb such a large amount, nor can the Railways or the government. They can only be absorbed by the private sector. The industrial set-up is expanding, but not at the rate that can employ such large numbers. Is there any solution to this grave problem? Fortunately, YES, the answer is entrepreneurship.

But, why do we need entrepreneurs, because they create jobs as per TiE (The IndUS Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organisation, promoting entrepreneurship,, each entrepreneur creates 30 jobs. An entrepreneur creates jobs, setting stage for a flourishing economy, unlike an individual, a job seeker, a burden to the economy. Managers employed by large corporations use their creativity and intellect to make the Gates, Buffets and the Murdochs richer, whereas entrepreneurs make themselves and their nations richer.

Over 30% of Microsoft employees are Indians. The NASA relies on Indian brains for its various missions & IIT graduates are considered the worlds brightest. Why do these people flock to the US, simply because the US has more opportunities. What can we do to stop this self-ruining brain drain? The answer lies in promoting entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are people who turn dreams to reality. They supply goods and services, which increase the standard of living of the entire populace substantially. They are wealth creators. This self-created wealth insulates the economy from recession and helps strengthen local economy. Global downturns will not affect us, as much as it much as it would have in other circumstances.

The benefits of entrepreneurship to the society and the economy as a whole are enormous. Entrepreneurship helps in avoidance of monopolies and cartels, which lower consumer satisfaction, one of the easier ways of checking large corporations and MNCs.

Entrepreneurs realise the tremendous demand for goods abroad and help to market the surplus. This will make the Indian market, export competitive and at the same time, the MADE IN INDIA brand more acceptable. The surplus footstock, which would have been otherwise rotting in the government storehouse, can be exported, thus serving to earn foreign exchange. The government gets rid of the excess stock while the exporter earns revenue, leading to a win-win situation.

It has been found that nations with more entrepreneurs always have a pro-liberal government supporting and promoting entrepreneurship; hence it is forced to enact policies favourable to businessmen and consumers promoting a market led economy.

An important factor influencing FDI, from developed nations to developing nations is the concentration of entrepreneurship. FDI is directly proportional to entrepreneurship. The highest contributor of FDI is the US. The US also readily welcomes Indian exports and also lists Indian companies on American exchanges. No wonder NASDAQ rocks on the beats of Infosys Chairman, NR Narayan Murthy.

So, the message is clear; we need more entrepreneurs. It is high time, the government realises that only and only entrepreneurship can help it grow at the high rate and rethinks its policies.

Dhawal Shah is a start-up enthusiast who firmly believes in entrepreneurship. Based in Mumbai, he regularly studies trends in Business, Franchising and Entrepreneurship. He can be contacted at . Article on Entrepreneurship, National Contribution, Contribution by Dhawal Shah

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  • Ravi

    “Why do these people flock to the US, simply because the US has more opportunities.”

    Why would anybody with professsional skills anymore flock to the USA– instead of, say, to the European Continent? I’m of Indian background myself (my parents moved to New Jersey from Maharashtra when I was 3), but I’m telling you, if you have professional potential and special esp. technical skills, the US is *not* the place to go to anymore. Trust me, you really don’t have many entrepreneurial opportunities anymore because the work environment in this country is toxic, anywhere you go. Especially if you’re someone like an engineer, a computer scientist or a doctor, you’ll be working 80+ hours a week for a diminishing salary, higher costs of living and a plummeting dollar, and you’ll be so exhausted all the time that you won’t be able to launch a business.

    Educational costs in the United States are so ridiculous that you’ll wind up a permanent debtor, and God forbid you have the misfortune of an illness or a car accident– you’ll wind up bankrupt. I personally know 5 good friends from my university days, all with advanced degrees in some cases from Ivy League Universities, who are now declaring bankruptcy due to a combination of personal injury (e.g. from car accidents, which tend to happen when you’re working nonstop 80-hour weeks and are so exhausted) and debtload from college/grad school. Plus, with the dollar tanking as it is against the Euro, you suffer the additional insult of further erosion of your earnings due to currency depreciation. And this will only get worse due to the increasing US national debt and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Most of the smartest professional Americans I know are getting language tapes or courses in e.g. French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch or Spanish and emigrating from the United States. (*DON’T* go to Britain or Australia– their work environments are almost as bad as the USA these days and the educational costs there are also soaring.) They work much more reasonable hours– maybe 50-55 hours a week, tops– they have entire weeks off, they have more energy and better health, and they have a much easier time starting new businesses. Continental Europe has gotten very business-friendly for professionals with advanced degrees from e.g. the US or Canada, or from India, South Korea or China, for that matter. Especially if you come in wanting to start a business, they’ll basically offer you a visa right off the bat. Even more so if you’re in the computer, engineering, medical or pharmaceutical fields.

    Plus, you earn your income and eventually your profits in Euros, a much, much better currency than the dollar, which you can also use for international travel and expand your business horizons even further. If you’re a professional and/or entrepreneur esp. with technical skills, you have a much, much better earning potential, entrepreneurial capacity and quality of life in Continental Europe than you do in the United States, Britain or Australia.

    For that matter, even some places in South America are better entrepreneurial places than the US these days due to a much less toxic work environment and all kinds of sponsorship opportunities for foreign-born entrepreneurs. If you can speak Portuguese– and this surprised me when I first heard it– then Brazil has some fantastic opportunities in the IT, engineering, publishing, medical, legal and accounting fields. There’s a burgeoning Indian entrepreneurial community in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, that is flourishing with much better quality of life than in the USA. (One of my best Indian friends from college moved there and is living like nobility.) If you have technical/engineering skills, then the government in Brasilia will basically roll out a red carpet for you. If you can speak Spanish, then Chile, Uruguay and also Costa Rica also have similarly wonderful opportunities with better quality of life and much more affordable cost of living than in the United States.

    It’s shocked me how much things have changed, but even my own family members have told me that if they were leaving India today, they wouldn’t come to the United States, or to Britain or Australia. Continental Europe and even some places in South America have much better opportunities for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs starting up companies.

  • Sanjay Mazumder

    As an Indian Entrepreneur in the UK, I can’t disagree more with the comments in the previous reply. It is far easier to start a business in a language that you know, and the UK is a pretty simple place to do business. As for working hours, an entrepreneur works for as many hours as is needed so the location is unimportant, and because the UK is booming at present, the rates that you can charge and hence the profit margins are higher than in Europe. Ok, the weather here is not as good as in say Spain, but other than this, the UK is a good place to do business.

  • Sachin Gupta

    Some where down the line we all agree that INDIANNESS is above everything else.If all of us recognise and acknowledge our talent,skill and knowledge, we can do the the impossible.
    No doubt our country has made remarkable strides in all spheres of science and technology but we are still lacking in progress and development of our society at large.

    If we review our current five year plan of 2007-2011 Government of india has projected that even after all round development in scial and industrial segments there will be 22% of population which will be below poverty line.22% is 22 crores if we take population of 1 billion.Our neighbour china showed much better progress not only in industrial sector but also in social sector as well.

    Well defined strategy along with tactics and planning with proper guidance and path will take us among the league of most developed nations of the world.

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  • Nitin Sharma

    I found the article by Dhawal shah really inspiring. I was surfing to find some information on entrepreneurship as i am planning to start my own business.I am doing research on the options available, and today is my first day.I am B.E(cs) and working as a software Engg. in a MNC. Any suggestions are heartly welcome.One thing is clear from my first day study that you can become successful entrepreneur only if you have sound foresight and knowledge and if you can help enough other people to achieve their dreams(By providing jobs to unemployed and quality goods to the customer).

  • Dhawal

    Dear Ravi,
    Thank you for hijacking the theme of the article, I would have preferred if you would have mentioned about NRIs returning to India. The idea is to promote entrepreneurship, I am sure in the current recession times, a lot of people would be coming back to India to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

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