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Jagriti Yatra has a new Youtube channel

Submitted by on December 16, 2008 – 23:362 Comments

The title says it all. We have a new Youtube channel. We’ve set this up specifically for two reasons. Firstly it’s a way for us to put a face to the team and a way to talk to you all in a friendlier way. Secondly, we want all Yatri’s who are willing and capable to post their own videos to the channel pre-yatra, during the yatra and post-yatra.

We know that a lot of you are having meet-ups before you arrive for the start of the yatra. It would be great if you could get your cell phone or camcorder out and record some introductions about yourself and other yatris, some background about who you are, what you do and why you wanted to come on the yatra.

Once you’re in Mumbai and the train is rolling, we’d love to hear your experiences on the train. After the yatra is over, post videos giving us feedback, comments, opinions and your feelings on how the whole experience influenced and changed you. So what are you waiting for, get subscribing!


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  • Abhishek Seth

    Hi Kaustav,
    i have uploaded 3 intro from the meeting we had in Chennai on 14th Dec. Since the size of video is huge and work pressure before taking off is building ,I am unable to upload rest 4 intro. I will try to upload the intro soon. It will be good to have these intro’s accessible to us in DVD /CD or it could be in loop and played in Conference area when there are no sessions. I am also a techie so would love to help you out with all such arrangements.

    Abhishek Seth

  • Iftekhar

    Not to book any tickets or Holiday from Yatra as i was a regular customer of Yatra and Yatra has used my money for 30 days by refunding the cancel flight ticket money which canceled by Airline. And please also dont book the insurence from Yatra this all are just to make misuse of your money. No body will take care for this after bookings and payment done. I will request you all to make booking only through proper related Airline not from