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The facilitators workshop

Submitted by on December 23, 2008 – 05:36No Comment

Hi everyone. Kaustav here. I’m currently at the facilitators workshop for Jagriti Yatra. Excuse the typos and errors s I type on my Blackberry. It’s one day before the start of the yatra and all the facilitators and core team members have come together in Prabhadevi, Mumbai to meet each other and do a short intro about ourselves. The day is packed out with a detailed programme and today is going to be crucial for the yatra and to a certain extent it will set the tone of the whole journey.

There are people here from all corners of India. From the extreme north eastern borders to a General in the Indian Army who was recently posted in Srinagar, Kashmir. Others are from very small villages in the state ot Utar Pradesh and many others are here from the big metros of India such as Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

The day is going to be pretty amazing and I’ll report back here throughout the day.

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