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Jagriti Yatra relived. This is truly inspirational.

Submitted by on July 5, 2011 – 20:19No Comment

I saw this promotional video for a once in a life time experience called Jagriti Yatra. It’s a journey of over 8000 Km by train, taking some 400 or so youth from all walks of life around India to meet and be inspired by social entrepreneurs. The hope is to inspire the next generation of leaders and transformational achievers to think about the future in with a social, sustainable and people context; to drive economic growth in India through social responsible progress. I was on the 1998 Jagriti Yatra train journey and played a small part in it, but the memory stays with me with great fondness. Seeing this video was most moving. It captures the essence of the yatra perfectly and brings back all those amazing experiential memories which I’ll never forget.

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