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Solio: Long term solar charge up today

Submitted by on May 8, 2008 – 13:32No Comment

Today is sunny all day! Nice and warm, about 25C. Summer is here! I got my Solio charging on the balcony at work as soon as I got in this morning. This means it’ll get solar charging for eight and a half hours. I’m eager to see if the battery charges up beyond two flashed of the LED (50%). I’ve repositioned the Solio several times during the day so it’s facing directly towards the sun so that it collects energy in the most efficiant manner.

End of day update:

So the Solio has been outside all day in direct sun. For the afternoon I was unable to check it to make sure it was pointing directly at the sun but when I did come back at around 6pm it was still fully exposed, although not directly facing the sun. I was disappointed to see that the internal battery had only charged to 50% in all that time. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn’t point in the right direction. Not sure. I’ll have to run a more controlled charging test on the next sunny day. Fingers crossed!

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