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About this blog

Welcome to the unisphere This is the space, blog, place on the web, call it what you may, where Kaustav Bhattacharya, aka JupiterOrbit, blogs about matters concerning astronomy, science, the environment, society, social media and technology. This space is a collection of my thoughts and observations all the afore mentioned topics and reflects the passion I have for these matters.

Since my early years in school, I always had a passion for science. Astronomy is an avid hobby of mine which stemmed from my interest in science. I’m an ardent technologist with very particular specialisations in web developer, social media software and experience in running technology departments within the digital media and advertising industries. I am concerned about my own impact on the environment and the effect of wider society, industry and technology on the environment. My personal life-style, where I can afford it, reflects this concern and some of my writing in this blog may convey opinions I have about the degradation of betterment of the planetary environment around us. Like most of us, society around us, the cities, towns or villages we live in, the people we mix with, the people we avoid and the actions of those round us all has a direct impact on our lives. Many of these aspects of life either vex me, concern me, invigorate me or amaze me. You’ll find me writing about some of those things within this blog.

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